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1. COACH Commitment

In an HSE Culture it is critical to count with everyone’s support in the organization. When employees are leaded effectively, a Free Incident Operation (IFO) is achieved. In the COACH Program© there are two corporate commitments, one from the organization and the other from the employees.

2. HSE Culture

Is the common understanding and practice of HSE matters, by observing behaviors from a group of people. This culture is influenced by ours and other people behaviors and organization lineaments. People behaviors are also influenced by needs and consequences.    

3. Risk Management

Risk is the probability that danger can cause a negative impact on people, teams, processes, environment, etc. Safety risks can cause incidents at work. Hygienic risks can cause occupational illnesses, and environmental risks can affect the environment, focusing on water, air and soil.

4. HSE Appraisal Factors

Are universal matters which are focused on COACH Observations©. These factors have been identified by international entities such as  ANSI, OSHA, IOSH, etc. In all activities we perform, HSE Evaluation factors can be found. Such factors can be risky or safe; therefore using COACH Observations© in a permanent way is embracing an attitude that promotes HSE Culture.

5. Observation Techniques

COACH Observation© is the act of observing a behavior or condition through our senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste), focusing in the HSE Appraisal Factors to determine if it’s safe or risky. Each COACH Observation© that we complete, is an opportunity to recognize safe behaviors or conditions, or to correct them when needed.  

6. COACH Skills

COACH Communication ensures the message is correctly received, clear, self explanatory and feedback. There are three ways to apply COACH Program©: 1. Promote a safe behavior or condition. 2. To correct an at risk behavior. 3. To correct an at risk condition.

7. Strategy for Success

The COACH Program© contains a series of activities and follow-ups in order to maintain and improve the Program within the organization. It’s based on a strategy that plans, develops, verifies and acts (PHVA). These activities are important to ensure a correct functioning of the program. The strategies have been collected from previous prevention programs in the last 10 years.

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