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Corporative Guidelines



This ethic code is mainly based on values that distinguish us in HSETS. These values dictate and point out common behavior promoting this code, which is part of our activity within our organization, helping us to maintain a consistent relationship with our customers.

Respect to other People  

In our organization we value personal dignity and the right to achieve personal and professional development. We appreciate ideas and comments. Therefore, we promote decent work and help improve life quality of our employees and their families.



Honesty is our commitment; we tell the truth and act accordingly.


We assume responsibility for our decisions and actions, ensuring that our commitments and trust with our customers, personnel, financial institutions, suppliers, stock holders, community and the environment are met.  

Team Spirit

We believe that best results are met through team work. This enables new ideas, spirit of service, respect and learning to be accomplished in a trustful environment.


Through innovation we look for sustainability, growth and leadership in our organization, with the development of new products, processes, services, business and markets.  

Focus on the Customer

Understand and meet customer expectations. Consumers and users is a priority in our organization; our survival and growth depends on customer satisfaction.  


Inspired by these values and guided by the culture that defines us, HSETS will continue its sustainable growth, maintaining our enterprise spirit in the future.

In HSETS, we understand that our business success relies on the trust gained with our customers, financial institutions, employees, suppliers, stock holders and all other interested parties. There for, this Ethic Code has the intention to communicate to those who are involved in HSETS, those ethic values and responsibilities that should direct our actions, maintaining trust and protecting both HSETS image and prestige.  

Our mission is to be your preferred option to accomplish your training goals.



The Good

Business practices are based on

ethics principles