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COACH Program© Objectives

Program Objectives need to be verified to know if they are aligned with the corporate objectives in the organization. There are three main COACH Program© Objectives and each one of these has secondary objectives as well. These are:

- Impact HSE attitude in people in a positive way.

- Help manage occupational and environmental risks.

- Help provide a better life style.

COACH Program© Principles

The organization adopts 7 COACH© Principles that are based in an HSE Culture philosophy, with the purpose of achieving an incident free operation (IFO).

COACH Program©  Functioning

Function parameters for the COACH Program© are applied on a daily basis by people in their daily tasks, and these parameters can be classified into three groups: Promoting behaviors or safe conditions, changing risk behaviors and correcting at risk conditions.

Benefits of the COACH Program©

Benefits obtained after correctly applying a COACH Program© in an organization, such as increasing competition and good image in the market simply by reducing incidents, will help the organization comply with one of the objectives. When incidents are reduced, the organization demonstrates social responsibility, creating a team environment on all employees increasing productivity and quality.

COACH Program© Scope

The COACH Program© interacts with the 4 main levels in an organization in order to be effectively integrated. These levels are: Corporate Management, Regional or Local Management, Supervisory Levels and Employees.

COACH Program© Resources

While running the COACH Program©, some necessary resources are considered to comply with the 4 application phases. In such resources we can find human talent, financial, technology, logistics and material.

Responsibilities in the COACH Program©

Each one of the levels within the organization has their own responsibilities when applying the program. All responsibilities are performance keys.   

Introduction Phase

Implementation Maintenance Introduction Development