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The RASCI Model

Is an administrative methodology that assigns roles and responsibilities which are mainly used in Project Management and is indispensable for communication while performing and executing a job or a project.

The RASCI model is built based in the following roles that interact among each other, maintaining communication, resources and deliveries in an adequate way:

R - Responsible: Is the person responsible for a job or project.

A - Authority: Is the person that approves a job or project before it is carried on.

S - Support: Is the person that delivers the resources or helps on this delivery.

C - Consulting: Is the person that provides information and/or experience for the job or project.

I - Informed: Is the person that needs to be notified of the results.

“Consulting” means that communication flows in two directions. “Informed” means to communicate one way.

Corporate Commitment

Corporate commitment transmits the value that the organization delivers to the COACH Program©, which should be in written, verbal and also proven with facts. Document of reference: Corporate GN EN V3.


The objective of promoting is to make possible COACH Program© general contents are known, so they become more familiar in the organization.  


Training is part of the implementation that requires more logistics, but at the same time is important for the success of the COACH Program©. On a training perspective, the COACH Program© modifies conduct in a safe manner or even reassures a safe conduct when it has been already acquired. Document of reference: Roster GN EN V3.

Personal Commitment

Each manager, supervisor or employee sets a personal commitment to publicly demonstrate what the COACH Program© represents to himself/herself and for the organization he/she is involved. Document of reference: People GN EN V3.


At the end of the training the participant should follow up with some mentoring practices in his/her work area, or a designated area. Document of reference: Tutor GN EN V3.

COACH Master

Is the external support that an organization can utilize to ensure the COACH Program© is implemented and developed accordingly. The person that performs the Master COACH duty has been trained on COACH Program© principles and general HSE topics. His/her duty is to only support anything related to the COACH Program©, not the HSE topics within the organization.

Implementation Phase

Implementation Maintenance Introduction Development