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Use of the COACH Program© in an organization is divided into 4 phases, the duration of which varies according to the number of people and how the organization is distributed. Each stage contains a series of activities or strategies that help make the transition periods simpler and achieve maximum results from the implementation of the program.

Performance in the accomplishment of the activities outlined in each of the phases can be recorded using a Gantt chart, so you can easily identify their progress

Introduction Phase

It is when the COACH Program© is selected by the organization as a versatile and effective prevention tool that can help to achieve the compliance with the targets set to meet their HSE Culture growth needs and incident reduction.

Implementation Phase

It has key components for an effective development of the program as management commitment, training, promotion, etc.. This phase demands personnel involvement to meet the required activities, so it is recommended that the Administrator creates a Central Committee for the Implementation and to use RASCI model to organize such activities and thus divide the responsibilities and create an environment of greater commitment and ownership from the start.

Development Phase

They are the activities to be performed to keep the COACH program© running permanently. Also help to create an atmosphere of motivation and participation that ensures the continuity of the program within the organization. The COACH Program© contains strategies that have proven successful when applied properly. When there is a plan with a series of activities aimed at the accomplishment of a common goal, join with the participation of all levels of the organization, from employees to management, it is assured the success of that plan.

Maintenance Phase

There are many advantages that represent to any organization that uses a maintenance process of the COACH Program© because besides creating a sense of ownership and responsibility on the worker, manages to bring the program to maximum performance. The audits and improvement processes provide a comprehensive and formal assessment of the performance level of the COACH Program© in the organization and help raise action plans to re-orient situation that are outside the established.

COACH Program© Phases

Implementation Maintenance Introduction Development